Meet Georgette Raissa


B.A., M.A., RP (Qualifying) 

Resident Psychotherapist (Qualifying)


My name is Georgette. I have an undergrad degree from York University with a double major in health studies and psychology. I’m currently completing my Masters in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. I came to Canada as a preteen, so I had the privilege to experience the best of two worlds: I’m fluent in French and English. I come from a big family and have been exposed to different personalities my whole life, making me appreciate how unique and special everyone is. 

My greatest passion is to help others overcome everyday obstacles and help them to live a more fulfilling life. We are all unique and have our own stories to tell, so I embrace individuality by using a nonjudgement, person-centered approach. Due to the plethora of available approaches and the variability of human needs, I like to use an eclectic approach. I also understand the connectedness of the mind (soul), body, and spirit; thus, I also like to use integrative and holistic methods. 

I believe that the first step to helping others is to be present, attentive, and compassionate. My hope for my work with all clients is to build a trusting therapeutic relationship and develop a safe space that promotes safety, trust, openness, and healing.

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