Meet Paul André Bondoc


M. A., RP (Qualifying)

Resident Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Hello, my name is Paul André Bondoc and like the other resident therapists, I am currently a Qualifying Registered Psychotherapist (RP-Q) and in the midst of completing the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program at Yorkville University.  

My biggest motivation for the profession is the ability to aid people in living fulfilling lives. A life without fulfillment or impediments to such can be an extremely debilitating feeling. Furthermore, fulfillment can be different depending on the person hence, everyone has their own narrative. Innate uniqueness in the profession in this sense personally makes it ever so fascinating which is my biggest reason for pursuing counseling. My personal favorite modalities are Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Humanistic Therapy to name a few. Individuals suffering from depressive, anxious or traumatic symptoms are ones where my vision and current approaches would be most in line with successfully aiding. Eventually, through future experience, I hope to expand my skills to aid different types of individuals. 

Growing up in a Southeast Asian household in Canada has made me attuned to cultural differences and the impact they have on understanding and relating to different people which is vital to the therapy space. 

After years of engaging with individuals with various mental health diagnoses in a retirement setting, I learned that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for each client. Tailoring to the needs of a specific client requires building rapport with them and attending to their preferences which is my most considerable core value as a therapist.


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