Conflict Management


Are you experiencing difficulty navigating disagreements and tension in your relationships? 

Conflict Management is specifically designed to empower you to communicate with people you disagree with in a healthy, constructive way. Not every conflict has to end in agreement…but what if you could navigate it with respect and understanding? 

Conflict Management Program

Register for our Conflict Management Program, designed to to mitigate workplace conflict as well as conflict within interpersonal relationships. This 12 hour program can be taken in one session, six 2-hour sessions, or twelve 1-hour sessions. Book your sessions after registration using our easy, online calendar portal!

What to Expect

Every person is unique – which means throughout life, our experiences in relationships will include conflict. The goal is to learn how to navigate these differences with mutual respect, understanding, and room for growth.

Our Conflict Management class is available as a 12-hour, 1-day intensive OR in two, 6-hour sessions. Choose the option that best accommodates your schedule! Questions about the content we cover in this class? Give our office a call and one of our helpful team members will assist you!

Register online or call our office at (866) 466-2643

Select a convenient date and time for your class using our automated calendar system.

Download your class materials and follow our easy setup instructions to join your session(s).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who should take this class?

A: Our conflict management class is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to deal with conflict in a healthy way! While this class is court-approved, it’s also an excellent resource for someone looking for better ways to communicate when tensions are high.


Q: How do I know if this class is in-person or virtual?

A: At this time, all of A1’s classes are available virtually from the comfort of your own home.


Q: Do you take insurance?

A: A1 does not file directly with your insurance. However, we are happy to provide you with documentation you can send your insurance.


Q: Is this Conflict Management class court approved?

A: Yes! This court approved class is 12 hours long and can be completed in one or two sessions.

Q: I need a certificate for this class! How do I get one?

A: Upon completion of your class, we will immediately send you both a certificate and a letter of completion. If you are unable to locate yours, please contact our admin team and they will assist you.


Q: Will this class accomidate my work schedule?

A: Most of  our classes allow you to select dates and times of your choice.


Q: Is this class only for those who have been court mandated?

A: No! Anyone who is seeking better communication skills in stressful or tense situations is encouraged to register!


Q: How do I know which class length I need?

A: If you are court ordered, you will need to find out what the court requires. If you are not, we invite you to choose the option that accommodates your schedule.