Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program


Need a court approved domestic violence program? A1 Counselling offers first-time and low-risk offenders the opportunity to evaluate how their behavior has affected their family and relationships, and develop healthy communication skills for a better future. 

Learn more below about court requirements in Canada and how our PAR program can meet your needs.

Is our PAR Program Court Approved?

The PAR (Partner Assault Response) Program at A1 Counselling Centre is a transformative psycho-educational initiative that combines education and counselling to support clients grappling with controlling, violent, and abusive behaviors within their intimate relationships.

All non-official government PAR Programs need to be approved on a case-by-case basis with the Crown. Our PAR Program is offered as 12-hours of individual sessions with a trained facilitator. We are happy to provide you with a letter outlining our PAR Program that you can send to your attorney and/or the Crown to seek approval. Feel free to download the general pre-approval letter below outlining our PAR Program. Please reach out if you would like a personalized letter.

Dowload your letter: PAR Program A1 Counselling Centre

Which Program is Right For You?

A1 Counselling Centre offers a 12-hour Partner Assault Response Program and an 8-hour Domestic Violence Program. Use our program comparison below to decide which one is right for you. Still have questions? Give us a call at 1-866-466-2643.

Partner Assault Response

(PAR) Program


  • The PAR Program (Partner Assault Response) is recognized and approved by the court system as a valid rehabilitative program for individuals found guilty or pleading guilty to a charge of partner assault
  • 12, 1-hour sessions (12 hours total)
  • An initiative created by the court using the Duluth Model, placing responsibility on the abuser.
  • Includes 10 modules, designed to be worked through in a specific order approved by the court system.
  • Covers 30 topics including educational and rehabilitative subjects, as well as support for the victim(s).

Domestic Violence Program


  • Also court approved, this program is recommended as a preliminary action for DV offenders.
  • 4, 2-hour sessions (8 hours total)
  • A program created by licensed psychotherapists at A1 to provide education on the damaging effects of domestic assault and support rehabilitative efforts for the abuser.
  • Covers over 10 topics including educational and rehabilitative subjects.

What is Domestic Violence?

The definition of Domestic Violence is physical, sexual or psychological abuse by a current or former partner/spouse as well as by other family members or by a partner’s or spouse’s family members. 

Domestic Violence can come in many forms, including physical injuries, abuse and rape or mental cruelty in bullying, insults or harassment. Most of the time, domestic violence is a combination of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. 

Unfortunately, domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. Individuals, regardless of age, race, economic status, religion, sexual orientation, or education level, can be victims.

What to Expect

A1 Counselling has worked with low risk and first-time offenders across Canada to meet court requirements following a domestic violence charge.

Throughout our Domestic Violence Programs, we focus on the impact abusive behavior has on family members, significant others, and especially children, while working to equip the offender with healthy communication skills and constructive ways to manage explosive emotions. Learn more about the PAR Program (recommended to ensure all of your court requirements are met) HERE.

Upon completion of this program, you’ll receive both a signed letter of confirmation and a certificate of completion. Both of these documents can be used to verify attendance in a court of law.

Register online or call our office at (866) 466-2643

Select a convenient date and time for your program using our automated calendar system.

Download your class materials and follow our easy setup instructions to join your session(s).

Questions? Contact our office and speak to our administrative team OR click HERE to download a
copy of the PAR Program detailed description.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who should take this program?

A: The Domestic Violence PAR Program & 8 Hour Domestic Violence Program are designed for low-risk or first time DV offenders.


Q: How do I know if this program is in-person or virtual?

A: At this time, all of A1’s programs and classes are available virtually from the comfort of your own home.


Q: Do you take insurance?

A: A1 does not file directly with your insurance. However, we are happy to provide you with documentation you can send your insurance.


Q: Are your Domestic Violence programs court approved?

A: Yes! Both of our Domestic Violence options are court approved. The PAR program is recommended.

Q: I need a certificate for this program! How do I get one?

A: Upon completion of your program, we will immediately send you both a certificate and a letter of completion. If you are unable to locate yours, please contact our admin team and they will assist you.


Q: Will this class accomidate my work schedule?

A: Most of  our classes allow you to select dates and times of your choice. 


Q: Is this program only for those who have been court mandated?

A: This class is most often attended by offenders. However, we welcome any participant who wants to understand the effects of violence in relationships.


Q: How do I know which class length I need?

A: If you are court ordered, you will need to find out what the court requires. In most cases, we recommend the 12-hour PAR program for domestic offenders.