Transform your life and achieve your fullest potential!

Why Choose A1?

Choosing to take steps to better yourself takes incredible STRENGTH. At A1 Counselling, we’re committed to honoring your goals by helping you REACH them, and KEEP them. 

Getting to where you want to be can be time consuming and hard – so we’ve made the process as easy as possible!

First, ALL of our classes are available online with a NO WAIT policy. Register to start any of our classes within 72 hours.

Second, we know your schedule is busy. Using a simple, online calendar system, you’ll be able to choose from your class time around your work hours! We get up early and stay up late to accommodate you! Book with us 6 days of the week. Can’t find a convenient spot on the calendar? Call one of our helpful admin staff, and they’ll assist you!

Finally, if you’re taking a class with us to fulfill an employment or court requirement and want to know if it meets your criteria, check out the additional information at the bottom of this page!

Do Our Classes Meet Your Court Requirements?


Approved Class Hours

We’ll work with you and your lawyer to ensure requirments for the length of your class is met.


Documented Completion

Upon completion of any court ordered class, we will provide you with a Certificate and detailed completion letter.


No Wait-List Policy

We understand that court-ordered classes have deadlines and will guarantee availability within 72 hours!

Still have questions? Contact our office and we’ll happily assist you!