Anger Management


Are you tired of losing control over your emotions? We’ve helped thousands of people learn the skills needed to reduce anger and irritability! We’re ready to do the same for you!

Register today with confidence! All of our classes meet employer and court requirements across Canada and are designed to accommodate your schedule and finances.

1-Day Intensive Anger Management Class

Register for our 6 hour, 1-day intensive Anger Management Class, available every weekend on Sundays!

Weekly Anger Management Class

Join our 4-week, 8-hour Anger Management Class, designed to accomodate your busy work schedule!

Private 1-1 Anger Management Class

Register for our private Anger Management class and work through the material 1-1 with a licensed facilitator.

Advanced Anger Management Class

Register for our 6 hour, 1-day intensive Anger Management Class, available every weekend on Sundays!

Executive Anger
Management Coaching

A 12-hour class broken up into 6 session designed for to increase emotional intelligence and leadership skills in the workplace.

Road Rage Prevention

Experiencing agression while driving? Feelings of frustration can be normal on the road, but when left unchecked, they  become dangerous. Register for our Road Rage class today!

What to Expect

Inspired by our founder, Clarence Baptiste – a leading anger management expert and registered Psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience, the Done With Anger program is designed to empower clients with the tools they need to take back control of their life!

Select the course length that suits your needs. After completing the purchase of your class, you’ll receive simple instructions for easy online scheduling, as well as all the materials you’ll need for attendance.

All of our Done With Anger classes can be completed virtually online from the comfort of your own home.

Once you’ve completed your class, you’ll receive both a signed letter of confirmation and a certificate of completion. 

Register online or call our office at (866) 466-2643

Select a convenient date and time for your class using our automated calendar system.

Download your class materials and follow our easy setup instructions to join your session(s).

Still wondering if our Anger Management Classes are right for you? Download our Done With Anger Workbook for FREE or  contact our office at tel:18664662643 and speak to our administrative team!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who should take this class?

A: All of our Anger Management classes are designed to help participants take control of unruly emotions. While these classes are court-approved, they are also an excellent resource for someone looking to strengthen their communication skills on their own time.


Q: How do I know if this class is in-person or virtual?

A: At this time, all of A1’s classes are available virtually from the comfort of your own home.


Q: Do you take insurance?

A: A1 does not file directly with your insurance. However, we are happy to provide you with documentation you can send your insurance.


Q: Are your anger management classes court approved?

A: Yes! All of our anger management options are court approved.

Q: I need a certificate for this class! How do I get one?

A: Upon completion of your class, we will immediately send you both a certificate and a letter of completion. If you are unable to locate yours, please contact our admin team and they will assist you.


Q: Will this class accomidate my work schedule?

A: Most of  our classes allow you to select dates and times of your choice. The 1-Day intensive Anger Management Course is available every Sunday afternoon.


Q: Is this class only for those who have been court mandated?

A: No! Anyone who wants better control of their emotions is invited to attend.


Q: How do I know which class length I need?

A: If you are court ordered, you will need to find out what the court requires. If you are not, we invite you to choose the option that accommodates your schedule.