Court Approved Programs

Will the Court Recognize and Approve A1 Programs?

At A1 Counselling & Anger Management Centre, our goal is to provide court-approved and admissible classes, meeting all minimum requirements and offering long-term affordable follow-up options for lasting change.

Info on our most frequently attended court-approved classes are provided on this page.

In addition to providing court-approved programs, we also offer preliminary programs for offenders wanting to demonstrate program progress to the judge on their court date. These programs are not a full court-approved length, but may help to reduce pentalties. A1 Counselling cannot guarantee favorable outcomes for offenders based on preliminary program completion.

In addition to offering sliding scale rates for clients with financial challenges, we also provide a 10% discount to all clients referred by a partnering lawyer or firm. To find out if you qualify, have your lawyer contact us directly. For more information on our referral system, call us toll free at 1-866-466-2643.


Anger Management

At A1 Counselling, we have multiple therapists specifically certified in Anger Management. We offer court-approved anger management programs to groups, individuals, and employees, working with you to ensure your schedule is accomidated and your hour requirements are met.

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Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Whether you’re looking for an alcohol program or an alcohol & subtance program, we can help! A1 offers a number of program lengths covering both alcohol and substance abuse awareness to meet all your court requirements.

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Domestic Violence

A1 offers two Domestic Violence programs – one of which is the PAR Program, an initiative of the court to reduce domestic violence among low-risk offenders who are pleading guilty or have pled guilty to a domestic assault. As a preliminary action, we also offer an 8-hour basic Domestic Violence class.

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Healthy Boundaries

Looking for a court approved class on healthy boundaries? With two program length options, we will work with you to accomidate your schedule and your court requirements.

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Struggling to parent after divorce or as a single parent? Both our Successful Parenting Program (meant to be taken by both parents simultaneously) and our Co-Parenting Program (available for individual parents to take on their own) are court approved and offered in varying lengths.

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